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Chapter Events

Meet the Pros

AWC-SA holds its annual Meet the Pros event every February.

We give students and working professionals in the communications field a chance to network one-on-one.  

Last Year's Panelists:

  • Charlie Cooper, KENS-TV
  • Mary Dixson,  The University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Erika Grimm, Citywide Sports Network
  • Jeffrey Heinke, Jeffrey Heinke Design
  • Anita Uribe Martin, University Health System
  • Marcy Meffert, San Antonio Express-News
  • Christina Jovanna Olivarez, The Social Butterfly Gal, LLC
  • Joey Palacios, Texas Public Radio
  • Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje, social services reporter, San Antonio Express-News

  • Media Workshop: Nonprofit Clinic

    The San Antonio Professional Chapter of Women in Communications offered the first Publicity Clinic on Oct. 11, 1949, at Municipal Auditorium. Approximately 160 people attended to learn how to get press coverage for their organization’s activities.

    In 1984, and continuing for a number of years, the Chapter co-sponsored – with the Funding Information Center – Public Relations/Publicity Workshops for nonprofit organizations. From 1998 through 2013, the San Antonio Express-News and Trinity University added their expertise and prestige as co-sponsors of the Media Workshop for Nonprofits. It is held in March, recently becoming a biennial event.

    Today’s workshop features an online manual with guidelines for press releases, tips on photography, and a list of media contacts. Media professionals representing print, television, and radio (different companies each year) explain the publicity process for their medium and answer questions from the audience. It’s a unique opportunity to learn from media professionals and how best to promote your organization. The workshop always draws a capacity crowd and, to date, has helped thousands of nonprofit representatives improve their media relations.

    The professional members of the Association for Women in Communications have a long history of lending their expertise to the San Antonio community. The Media Workshop for Nonprofits is just one of the more visible ways we work to enhance communications for everyone.

    Freedom of Information Act Panel


    Many communications groups designate March as Freedom of Information Month. March 10-16, 2019, is Sunshine Week, an annual initiative focusing on the importance of open government. It is co-sponsored by the American Society of News Editors and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

    AWC is sponsoring a discussion of the importance of freedom of information led by the President of the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas.

    Speaker: Diana Fuentes. President of the FOI Foundation of Texas
    Editor, Community Publications, San Antonio Express-News




    Headliner Awards


    For more than 60 years, the San Antonio Professional Chapter of the Association for Women in Communications, Inc., has honored outstanding Headliners – community leaders who have made exceptional contributions in professional, volunteer, and civic arenas. We did take a hiatus in 2018.

    They are presented at an annual event along with awarding the Ajay Castro Scholarship. Below are the different awards presented:

    Headliner Award Categories

    Professional Achievement:  Nominee must have been an active 10-year member in a profession or industry and must have made a significant contribution to his or her field. Community involvement will be an additional consideration.

    Harriet Ross Individual Achievement:  Nominee’s achievements are an inspiration to others.

    Volunteer Service:  Nominee must have been active for at least 10 years in any type of volunteer service and must have made a significant contribution to advance the organization’s goals.

    Public Endeavor:  Nominee must have been active for at least 10 years in an area of civic action that impacts the community such as government, health, welfare or environment. Nominee may have worked full-time, part-time or on a volunteer basis.

    Education:  Nominee must have been active for at least 10 years in the field of education and must be recognized for outstanding achievement in a particular field of specialization.

    Edna McGaffey Media Excellence:  Nominee is a local communications professional who has exhibited a commitment to the standards of professional journalism.

    Past Scholarship Winners
    2018 – Joyce Raposo, Texas A&M University-San Antonio
    2018 – Jackie Velez, University of the Incarnate Word
    2017 – Bianca Garcia, Palo Alto College
    2017 – Amber Wood, University of Texas at San Antonio
    2016 – Stephanie Pelzcar, University of Texas at San Antonio
    2015 – Rosa M. Kelly, San Antonio College
    2015 – Pamela Paz, Texas A&M University-San Antonio
    2014 – No scholarships awarded
    2013 – Stephanie Alonso, Palo Alto College
    2013 – Alison Wadley, Texas A&M University-San Antonio
    2012 – Grace Garza Newton, Texas A&M University-San Antonio
    2011 – Erin Nicole Kidder, University of Texas at San Antonio
    2010 – Ligia P. Gomez, University of Texas at San Antonio
    2010 – Ivonne Martinez, University of the Incarnate Word
    2009 – Sylvia E. Hernandez, Palo Alto College
    2008 – Abegail Chavarrilla
    2008 – Laura A. Richards
    2007 – Tracie Ann Andrews, University of Texas at San Antonio
    2007 – Sonia Gonzales, Palo Alto College
    2006 – Sylvia Olivares, San Antonio College
    2006 – Hope Eileen Fitzsimmons, Palo Alto College
    2005 – Lindsay Bradley, St. Mary’s University
    2004 – Frenchi Nichol Johnson-Jones, San Antonio College
    2004 – Kittrice Hollis, University of Texas at San Antonio
    2003 – Mary Henson, University of the Incarnate Word
    2002 – Michele Ann Voelkel, Palo Alto College
    2002 – Cherrel Hunter, Palo Alto College
    2001 – Delane R. Bruce, Palo Alto College
    2001 – Nyta Brown, San Antonio College
    2000 – Nancylea Light, Palo Alto College
    2000 – Jennifer C. Meister, University of Texas at San Antonio
    1999 – Pamela Prince, Palo Alto College
    1999 – Nadine Zitello, University of Texas at San Antonio
    1998 – Patricia Hedelius, Palo Alto College
    1997 – Rebecca Reyes, University of the Incarnate Word
    1997 – Nicole Bray Tuttle, University of Texas at San Antonio
    1997 – Sharon Whiteley, Palo Alto College
    1996 – Delmonica Dean, Our Lady of the Lake University
    1995 – Charlene Meyer-Forrest, St. Mary’s University
    Past Headliners

    Scott Suzanne Public Endeavor 2016
    Slavin Ken Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 2016
    Sokol, PhD MPH Marian Professional Achievement 2016
    Albright PhD Shari Education 2016
    Watts Davis Beverly Harriet Ross Individual Achievement 2016
    Jasso Pat Volunteer Service 2016
    Babbitt Judy Public Endeavor 2015
    Davies David Martin Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 2015
    Martinez Gonzalez Janie Professional Achievement 2015
    Rosales-Guerra Sara Maggie Cousins 2015
    Townsend Jerry Education 2015
    Watson Pfeiffer Maria Harriet Ross Individual Achievement 2015
    Bridges Kari Maggie Cousins 2014
    Castillo, LMSW Patricia S. Professional Achievement 2014
    Gorman Jackie L. Volunteer Service 2014
    Hendricks Edna Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 2014
    Nestel Howie Harriet Ross Individual Achievement 2014
    Rosenberg Bernard Education 2014
    Chapa, PhD Irene Professional Achievement 2013
    Katz, EdD Yvonne Education 2013
    Kelley Harriet Harriet Ross Individual Achievement 2013
    Pelton Patsy Maggie Cousins 2013
    Radle Patti Volunteer Service 2013
    Spriester Steve Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 2013
    Stoeltje Mark Public Endeavor 2013
    Burton Lucy Greer Harriet Ross Individual Achievement 2012
    Cantu Patt Volunteer Service 2012
    Gonzalez Susie Maggie Cousins 2012
    Henkin Dr. Roxanne Education 2012
    Ruiz Elizabeth Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 2012
    Stanchak Mary Public Endeavor 2012
    Young Dr. David Professional Achievement 2012
    Carnes Ginger Hall Maggie Cousins 2011
    Forsyth Jim Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 2011
    McCullough Bob Professional Achievement 2011
    Shelton Tom Education 2011
    Solis Luis H. Harriet Ross Individual Achievement 2011
    Taylor Cindy Public Endeavor 2011
    Andrews Rev. Marilyn Volunteer Service 2010
    Berggren, MD Ruth Public Endeavor 2010
    Harvey Katie Professional Achievement 2010
    Nastasi Lorenzo Harriet Ross Individual Achievement 2010
    Niehoff Robert Education 2010
    Rigby Wendy Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 2010
    Wheeler Liz Maggie Cousins 2010
    Alterman Mindi Volunteer Service 2009
    Harper D’Ann Professional Achievement 2009
    Harris Don Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 2009
    Husain Sarwat Public Endeavor 2009
    Lanford Salwa Couchair Maggie Cousins 2009
    Longoria Wanda R. Harriet Ross Individual Achievement 2009
    Tarrillion Rev. Joseph, S.M. Education 2009
    Anthony Mary Maggie Cousins 2008
    Duke Lana Professional Achievement 2008
    Hartman Gordon Public Endeavor 2008
    Knoebel Ann Education 2008
    Lee Cynthia Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 2008
    Smylie Susan Volunteer Service 2008
    Travis PhD Charlotte Harriet Ross Individual Achievement 2008
    Cohen Maxine Education 2007
    Garrison Cathy Volunteer Service 2007
    Harris Dr. Judy Professional Achievement 2007
    Hunt Chet Education 2007
    Kochanek Lea Maggie Cousins 2007
    Patterson Carol Public Endeavor 2007
    Thuss Emily Denman Harriet Ross Individual Achievement 2007
    Conrado Eduardo Public Endeavor 2006
    Hayes Betty Sue Volunteer Service 2006
    Lozano Sharon Maggie Cousins 2006
    Ortiz Amparo Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 2006
    Rao, PhD Pemmaraju N. Harriet Ross Individual Achievement 2006
    Simone Penny Professional Achievement 2006
    Vance Mary Louise Education 2006
    Villarreal Adrianna Maggie Cousins 2006
    Abrego Irene Education (with Odom) 2005
    Garcia Very Rev. David H. Public Endeavor 2005
    Henry Janet Volunteer Service 2005
    Ladson Cynthia Maggie Cousins (with Wallace) 2005
    Marrou Chris Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 2005
    Odom Marianne Education (with Abrego) 2005
    Ramamurthy Dr. Rajam Harriet Ross Individual Achievement 2005
    Waldron, PhD Karen Professional Achievement 2005
    Wallace Cynthia G. Maggie Cousins (with Ladson) 2005
    Kachtik June Professional Achievement 2004
    Lance Mary Maggie Cousins 2004
    Stevenson Henrietta Roberts Harriet Ross Individual Achievement 2004
    Wolff Tracy Public Endeavor 2004
    Bowman Erin Gardner Volunteer Service 2003
    Castaneda Antonia, Ph.D. Education 2003
    Clack Cary Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 2003
    Grimm Erika Larson Maggie Cousins 2003
    McClendon Hon. Ruth Jones Public Endeavor 2003
    Rohm Wanda Chandler Professional Achievement 2003
    Atwell Ann Volunteer Service 2002
    Cuba Nan Education 2002
    Denman Mary Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 2002
    Kowalski Rosemary Harriet Ross Individual Achievement 2002
    Meffert Marcie Maggie Cousins 2002
    Quintanilla Mimi Professional Achievement 2002
    Wolff Judge Nelson Public Endeavor 2002
    Cook Dan Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 2000
    Davis Linda Lee Worsham Maggie Cousins 2000
    Gonzalez Sister Maria Elena Harriet Ross Individual Achievement 2000
    Matecko Dorothy A. Volunteer Service 2000
    Montecel Dr. Maria “Cuca” Robledo Education 2000
    Valdez Linda A. Professional Achievement 2000
    Van de Putte Sen. Leticia Public Endeavor 2000
    Daniels Debora Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 1997
    Grissom Dr. Colleen Education 1997
    Ott Ellen Volunteer Service 1997
    Pitts Helen Maggie Cousins 1997
    Purcell-Guerra Beverly Professional Achievement 1997
    Schneider Barbara Public Endeavor 1997
    Andera Jo Ann Professional Achievement 1996
    Bara Dr. Delia Education 1996
    Cheaney Barbara A. WICI Headliner 1996
    Emerson Arthur Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 1996
    Heim Anita Public Endeavor 1996
    Sugerman Sondra Volunteer Service 1996
    Boyle Jim Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 1995
    Burkett Lynnell Headliner 1995
    Burnside Rita Freitag Headliner 1995
    Cantu Mary Headliner 1995
    Schweitzer Sharon Jones WICI Award 1995
    Cisneros Col. George J. Volunteer Service 1994
    Garwood Edith Professional Achievement 1994
    Hendricks Barbara Dean WICI 1994
    Salazar Veronica Edna McGaffey Media Excellence 1994
    Segura Nadia Education 1994
    Dahlke Rhonda Spurlock WICI Membership 1993
    Mellon Irma Harriet Ross Individual Achievement 1993
    Sanders-Castro Judith Public Endeavor 1993
    Schneider P.J. Professional Achievement 1993
    Weiss Hilda Volunteer Service 1993
    Wilson Dr. Janie Menchaca Professional Achievement 1993
    Dahlman Marcia Volunteer Service 1992
    McKee Cynthia Ruiz Professional Achievement 1992
    Meza Choco Community Endeavor 1992
    Vera Yolanda Special Recognition 1992
    Young Lupe M. WICI Headliner 1992
    Blohm Charlene WICI Headliner 1991
    Chumney Candes WICI Partnership 1991
    Conley Hon. Karen Jones Public Endeavor 1991
    O’Malley Barbara Brink Volunteer Service 1991
    Torralva Maria Elena Professional Achievement 1991
    Horne Mary Ann WICI Headliner 1990
    Knight Julia Volunteer Service 1990
    Marmon Harriet Education 1990
    Sapp Mary Public Endeavor 1990
    Siegel Phyllis Professional Achievement 1990
    Gothard, PhD Barbara 1989
    Lewton Kathleen Lacey 1989
    Boniface Sr. Mary 1988
    Cox Beverly N. 1988
    Flake Bonnie 1988
    Goforth Marie 1988
    Pierce Aaronetta 1988
    Krier Sen. Cyndi Taylor Public Endeavor 1987
    Lange Jean Lifetime Achievement 1987
    Parker Camilla Volunteer Service 1987
    Rodriguez Gloria Professional Achievement 1987
    Ross Harriet WICI Headliner 1987
    Berriozabal Maria Public Endeavor 1986
    Cave Ginger WICI Headliner 1986
    Cousins Maggie Lifetime Achievement 1986
    Curnutt Esther WICI Chapter Achievement 1986
    Smothers Patricia Volunteer Service 1986
    Steinfeldt Cecelia Professional Achievement 1986
    Castro Ajay 1985
    Guthrie Mary D. 1985
    Reed Judge Bonnie 1985
    Young Dr. Eleanor A. 1985
    Carlyle Jean 1984
    Dunlap Brig. Gen. Lillian 1984
    Johnson Sammye 1984
    MacMillan Esther 1984
    Mueller Barbara “Bobbie” 1984
    Dawson Jean 1983
    Parker Patricia 1983
    Reaves Margaret 1983
    Rodgers Rowena 1983
    Temple Frances 1983
    Dutmer Helen 1982
    Purdy Ginger 1982
    Stanley Margaret King 1982
    Thorogood Nellie Carr 1982
    Welch Marcia P. 1982
    Burr Dr. Patricia 1981
    Huantes Margarita 1981
    Jarboe Jan 1981
    Longwith Jean 1981
    Price Nancy 1981
    Wills Shirley 1981
    Burdin Olivia 1980
    Jefferis Adah-Marie 1980
    Macon Larry 1980
    Regnier Claire 1980
    Sueltenfuss Sr. Elizabeth Anne 1980
    Biery Evelyn H. 1979
    Kehl Gloria 1979
    Pappas Leona 1979
    Weid Dr. Pearl 1979
    Zink Dr. Pearl 1979
    Anguiano Lupe 1978
    Ayres Pat 1978
    Carter John Mack 1978
    Jones Marilyn 1978
    Slattery Sr. Margaret 1978
    Kiolbassa Vivian 1977
    Ledger Thelma 1977
    Parkhouse Lois 1977
    Spears Judge Carolyn 1977
    Stone Virginia 1977
    Hyman Pearl S. 1976
    Macon Jane 1976
    Wick Helen 1976
    Boston Joyce W. 1975
    Glasscock Lannette 1975
    Lopez Dr. Arcadia 1975
    Smith Jan 1975
    Gavora Betty 1974
    Richardson Annette 1974
    Stewart Ruth 1974
    Bennack, Jr Frank A. 1973
    Foster Mrs. John H. 1973
    Neill Jane 1973
    Reeves Mrs. Archie R. 1973
    Sawyer Eve Lynn 1973
    Stevens Mrs. W.R. 1973
    McDonald Roberta 1972
    McDowell Catherine 1972
    Moye Jean 1972
    Posey Mildred 1972
    Byrne Reneaa Smith 1971
    Hamlin Vivian 1971
    McAllister Edith 1971
    O’Neill Dorothy 1971
    Perry Carmen 1971
    Stevens Mrs. E.M. 1971
    Bassett Mrs. Harold H. 1970
    Glasser Mrs. William 1970
    Morrison Margaret 1970
    Ursin Mrs. O. Elliot 1970
    Brown Mrs. Edwin M. 1969
    Carrow Sr. Mary A. 1969
    Ferguson Katie 1969
    McGaffey Edna 1969
    Ward Etta 1969
    Beagle Gail 1968
    Dial, Sr Mrs. Preston 1968
    Dilworth Bonnie Sue 1968
    Powell Jane Cheever 1968
    Carraway Mrs. Neil 1967
    Clapp Marjorie 1967
    Connally Nellie 1967
    Hauser Dr. Dora 1967
    Martin Mrs. Brooks 1967
    Burkhalter Lois Wood 1966
    Grant Dr. June 1966
    Meyer Mrs. Harry H. 1966
    Negley Mrs. Alfred 1966
    Tobin Peggy 1966
    Dunn Ruth 1965
    Ford Wanda 1965
    Haberman Judge Carol 1965
    Wright Doris 1965
    Cockrell Mayor Lila 1964
    Lehr Delores 1964
    Niehaus Margaret 1964
    Reiter Mrs. Max 1964
    Vexler Esther 1964
    Gentemann Sr. Mary Elaine 1963
    Oefinger Myrtle 1963
    Spencer Mrs. Richard French 1963
    Webb Mrs. Walter Prescott 1963
    Zinberg Mrs. William 1963
    Barbour Sr. Jane Marie 1961
    Farnsworth Mrs. O.N. 1961
    Foster Inez 1961
    Llewellyn Hattie 1961
    Mario Sr. Jane 1961
    Naylor Alice 1961
    Bartlett Eve 1960
    Green Rena Maverick 1960
    Rosengren Florence 1960
    Tauch Dr. Waldine 1960
    Von Bose Dr. Edda 1960
    Levy Nanette 1959
    Manchester Maj. Catherine 1959
    Maxwell Rebecca 1959
    McGimsey Mrs. B.B. 1959
    McGuire Marie 1959
    Bosi Florence 1958
    Jacobson Helen 1958
    Lee Dr. Amy Freeman 1958
    Morrison Dr. Lois 1958
    Whiteaker Mildred 1958
    Allen Mrs. Charles 1957
    Meyer Jo Caldwell 1957
    Quillen Ellen 1957
    Sharp Mrs. Tom 1957
    Camp Mrs. John F. 1956
    Gingrich Dorothea 1956
    Hieronymous Dr. Bess 1956
    Johnston Leah Carter 1956
    Wauth Julia Knott 1956
    Brown Carol 1955
    Campbell Camilla 1955
    Onderdonk Eleanor 1955
    Shelton Caroline 1955
    Japhet Mrs. Al. J. 1954
    King Edith Fox 1954
    Short LTC. Augusta L. 1954
    Toepperwein Emelle 1954
    Angst Lt. Col. Delia 1953
    Graham Elizabeth 1953
    Kayton Mrs. Lewis 1953
    Lowery Janet Sebring 1953
    Culmer Lessie Ellen 1952
    Gaines Mrs. Arthur 1952
    Porter Katherine Ann 1952
    Tobin Mrs. Edgar 1952
    Brown Sadie J.
    Cernoch Dr. Jennifer M.
    Chipman-Evans Carolyn
    Cisneros Elvira
    Cuny Lynn
    Denman Mary Headliner
    Grossenbacher Dr. Dora
    Halligan Maureen
    Harris Ethel
    Heard Nancy
    Hobby Oveta Culp
    Hovis Villalobos Melanie
    Hunt Barbara
    Jacobs Bonnie Sue
    McLaren Sylvia
    Melendez Sonny Edna McGaffey Media Excellence
    Meyer Willie
    Mouton Leslie Edna McGaffey Media Excellence
    Pena Celina
    Prisco Edward
    Quinonez Sr. Lora Ann
    Ramirez Martha Tijerina
    Scherf Alpha
    Schott Linda
    Sinkin Faye
    Stabbert Pearl Matthai
    Terrett Vivian
    Watts Evamay


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